Boutari at the 43rd annual Original Greek Festival Houston!

Boutari was a proud sponsor of the 43rd annual Original Greek Fest in Houston. A fun time was had by all!

greek fest 1

In 1917, a handful of Greek immigrants formed what is today one of the largest Greek Orthodox communities in the United States. The vision, foresight and dedication of those few faithful immigrants laid the groundworks for what exists today.

greek fest 2

From its original location in downtown Houston (what is now Tranquility Park) to the sprawling grounds that border Yoakum Boulevard, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral has become a major force in the religious and social communities that comprise Houston today.

greek fest 3

Proceeds from the Greek Festival have helped many people through donations to various charitable organizations, such as Children’s Assessment Center, S.E.A.R.C.H., the Women’s Home, Covenant House, Texas Emergency Aid Coalition (EAC), and the Star of Hope Mission.

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One Comment on “Boutari at the 43rd annual Original Greek Festival Houston!”

  1. Henry Kocot Says:

    Is there a greek immagration pathfinder. I am doing a paper on this subject and the town I live in is mainly Greek. Tarpon Springs Fl.

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