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Greek wine all over the world…

January 5, 2010

A lot of bloggers, all over the world, tasted and reviewed the Greek wines of Boutari during the last month of 2009. So we thought we’d start this year off by gathering some impressions from these wine lovers.

The first one comes from a wonderful wine blog called Wine Script, authored by the lovely Maria Georgieva (left) who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She writes about Bulgarian, Italian, Argentinian, and now Greek wines: Maria had never tasted Boutari wines before. Here’s what she discovered…

The chance sent me to Greece this Christmas and I had the chance to taste a real Greek wine of a variety I have never heard before: Agiorgitiko from the Nemea, Peloponnese region. Mantinia Winery,

I do not have a lot of experience with Greek wines, but after drinking this one (which is actually an ordinary one, not very expensive) I am definitely a fan from now on. The wine had a rich, aromatic smell and very sweet taste of fruits and vanilla. It went very well with the lovely dinner in the taverna. The colour was deep red, but the bottle was encrypted only in Greek letters, so I had a real difficulty in reading the name of the wine.

Click here to read the rest of her review and find out which wine she was writing about…

Happy 2010 to everyone across the world!

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