Traditional Greek octopus by Chef Kostas Anyfantis

When heard about the “classic Greek cuisine with a modern touch” by Chef Kostas Anyfantis (left) of Tasso’s Greek Cuisine in Naperville (Chicago), we were intrigued. So, earlier this week, we picked up the phone and spoke to Chef Anyfantis and manager Prokopis Zenardos about what sets their Naperville Greek restaurant apart from the rest.

The answer, we found, lies in a return to the roots of Greek cooking. “All of our fish is flown in fresh, on blue ice three times a week from Greece,” said Zenardos. “We ONLY order what we need and when we run out of fresh fish,” he told us, “we just have to tell the clients were out. But that’s a GOOD thing. We only use cheeses and yogurt flown in directly from Greece. And you won’t find any ‘lemon sauce’ here: we use only Greek extra-virgin olive oil and real lemon juice.”

Chef Anyfantis was kind enough to take a photo of his octopus and share his secret with us.

While many Greek restaurants use large octopus that they then cut into smaller pieces, said Chef Anyfantis, “we only use small, baby octopus, flown in from Greece.” Instead of boiling the sea creature, “we marinate it in traditional spices and Ouzo and then we slow-roast it, as it is done in Greece. We then finish the dish on the grill when it is ordered by a guest.”

Tasso Greek Cuisine
220 South Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 355-8852

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