Iron Chevsky tastes Boutari Santorini at the Old Lobster Shack

Of all the wine bloggers we know, Iron Chevsky drinks more kick-ass wine than anyone. He’s a shining example of the American dream: with every bottle of DRC, Gaja, Chave, and Raveneau he pops, he is living proof that you don’t need to be Jay McInerney to drink well every day.

We were thrilled to discover that a high-profile blogger like him would reach for Boutari Santorini when visiting his favorite lobster shack, the famed and aptly named Old Lobster Shack in Redwood City, California (Bay Area).

Here’s what Iron Chevsky had to say about Boutari Santorini and how it paired with the excellent grub served up BYOB at ye Old Lobster Shack:

Excellent acidity, rather simple like something I can see people serving as an every day wine in a Greek family restaurant (I drank it out of a tumbler), and satisfying with lobster rolls. Assyrtiko is perhaps the most well-known white wine variety from Greece. Taste-wise, somewhat of a cross between an Italian white and a Rhone white… The Assyrtiko really cut through the richness of the bisque. It was a bit heavy for the rather average clams (though they came with a deeply delicious broth). The wine was a great match for the lobster rolls and fries.

Blog on, brother Chevsky, blog on… And in case you have any trouble finishing off that bottle of 1990 Échezeaux, please give us a call!

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One Comment on “Iron Chevsky tastes Boutari Santorini at the Old Lobster Shack”

  1. Wow. Boutari and Jeremy, thank you so much for posting such a cool acknowledgment. I am encouraged to drink more Greek :)! Definitely, Assyrtiko is on my “deeper dive” list, and perhaps Vinsanto. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

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