The Acropolis!

After finally arriving in Athens after a long day of circuitous travel (a missed connection in Newark and a lost bag in Paris), my tired feet were rewarded with what is perhaps the most illustrious stroll in the entire world — along the street below the Acropolis.

Our gracious host, Christina Boutari, had invited us to dinner at Dionysos, a restaurant that enjoys one of the most spectacular views in all of world history.

As we drank a fresh, bright bottle of Boutari Moschofilero and munched on delicious marinated sea bass and avgotaraho — cured red mullet roe, served atop fava bean fritters — I couldn’t help but think to myself: so much of what happened in the “high city” more than 2,000 years ago has shaped how we live our lives today. I can’t imagine a more “electric” place in the world.

Today we head to Santorini for a series of Assyrtiko tastings… Stay tuned!

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