Greek wine: “Who knew?” asks Vegas Wineaux.

Here’s what super fabu Vegas Wineaux (left) had to say about the 2005 Moschofilero by Boutari, which she discovered at a recent blind tasting she hosted.

“The Moschofilero surprised, because that’s the name of the actual grape from the Peloponnese (doesn’t that sound sexy?), and it was quite good. The descriptions of the older wines that I was able to find all came from the time that they were young. The description that I was able to find on the Moschofilero described it as straw-colored with a greenish tint. Six years after vintage, it is a shimmering gold. And, yes, I’m still stunned… The moral of this story? Don’t deny yourself the experience of trying wines from different areas. There’s a reason why the people make the wines; we may not like them, but we gain more experience, educate our palates, and occasionally find the gem.”

Vegas Wineaux, we love your style! 🙂

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2 Comments on “Greek wine: “Who knew?” asks Vegas Wineaux.”

  1. IreneK Says:

    Thank you so much for showcasing my observations about your wine during a recent tasting – last week! The members of this particular wine club are experienced, knowledgeable wine tasters and claim a couple of sommeliers in the membership. No amateurs here! The tastings are always blind, and the responses are the tasters’ honest evaluations. Everyone was shocked but pleased that a Greek wine was the WOTN.

    BTW, I bought a couple of extra bottles. Beautiful vintage and the wine now looks gorgeous in the glass.

  2. Do Bianchi Says:

    Irene, thank you! Great to see you here. 🙂

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