Moschofilero: the perfect wine for the Florida summer

Florida Today wine writer Tim Dwight picks Moschofilero as his wine of the week for a hot Florida summer.

Here’s what Tim had to say about Boutari Moschofilero:

Brightly yellow colored, light-to-medium bodied, crisply styled with floral and citrus accents, Boutari’s moschofilero makes for a fine appetizer or match with seafood.

Alcohol is noticeably lower (at about 11 percent) for those of us used to drinking California chardonnays, and the wine remains lively, not tiring, on the palate. Not a bad thing here amid the dog days of August.

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Stay cool Tim and drink Greek!

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2 Comments on “Moschofilero: the perfect wine for the Florida summer”

  1. It’s really a no brainer…the Moschofilero is ideal for any warm weather setting. cheers!

  2. Do Bianchi Says:

    Thanks for reading, Sportsglutton! You rock! 🙂

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