How to pronounce Moschofilero

What better way to launch our fall 2011 Greek Grape Name and Appellation Pronunciation Project than Moschofilero, the most widely known Greek grape variety outside of Greece?

And who better to “speak” the grape name than Yannis Voyatzis, Boutari’s chief enologist and the man credited by many for revolutionizing the way the world perceived the food-friendly Moschofilero grape?

And what better place to serve as backdrop than the vineyards of Moschofilero that roll over the high plateau of the Manitinia appellation, where Boutari grows its fruit for its most popular wine?

For all of the videos to date, please click here.

And stay tuned for weekly updates!

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One Comment on “How to pronounce Moschofilero”

  1. […] Moscho-what?!? you’d ask? Right. It is another of those hard to pronounce indigenous Greek grape varietals. To get help with how to vocalize MOHS-koh-FEE-leh-roh, you can watch this video. […]

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