Christina Boutari at Delphi Greek in Los Angeles

Above, from left, Kevin Castro and Amber Hanley (Southern Wine & Spirits), Christina Boutari, and Roozbeh Farahanipour, owner Delphi Greek, Los Angeles.

Last week, Christina Boutari visited Delphi Greek, one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Los Angeles and home to one of Boutari’s biggest fans, the inimitable Roozbeh Farahnipour.

Roozbeh has compiled one of the greatest collections of Boutari wines in the U.S., including many older vintages of Naoussa and rare and hard-to-find bottlings.

Roozbeh loves Boutari wines so much that he has created what he calls the “Temple of Boutari,” a page of his website devoted exclusively to Boutari wines:

The food at Delphi is great and there’s a lot more to Roozbeh than meets the eye: look for a special profile of Roozbeh in coming weeks!

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