“A Greek Thanksgiving?” by @CalGreekGirl

We just loved this post by Greek-American Mary Platis (seated to the far left), who lives in San Diego, California.

From the beginning, attending school in America as a Greek girl was very strange. In kindergarten, we learned about the Native-Americans and pilgrims. We all acted in a play with funny pilgrim hats and Native-American vests that we had made in class. Can you imagine a Greek girl as a pilgrim? Well, in many ways I guess I was one. My mother and father made the big pilgrimage from Greece; was that the same thing? In my house we learned about the Germans and all the devastation they caused the Greeks during WWII. Was this the same thing? As a kindergartner, I couldn’t figure out where pilgrims fit into our story or where they fit into my heritage.

What confused me the most was this special meal we were suppose to have on Thanksgiving Day – turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn..CORN! Then came the feast. We all gathered around the lunch tables in class and ate this funny meal that the parents helped prepare. Where was my mom? And what was this food? Can you imagine what I might have been thinking as a five-year old? This was far from what we had in my Greek home. We ate a big fat leg of lamb, spanakopita, moussaka, and baklava! Where did I fit in here? I didn’t.

Click here to read the rest of her wonderful post and find how she “discovered” Thanksgiving…

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