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Merry Christmas

December 21, 2011

@RobertMParkerJr Wine of the Day: 2004 Naoussa

December 19, 2011

Boutari’s 2004 Naoussa was Robert Parker’s “Wine of the Day” yesterday.

Here’s what Wine Advocate reviewer Mark Squires had to say about the wine and vintage (April 2010, WA 188), giving it 90 points.

The 2004 GRANDE RESERVE has powerful aromatics, a touch of funk and a touch of game, plus more intensity than the ’06 regular reviewed this issue. Focused, complex and earthy, despite the time in oak, this is quite elegant in the mid-palate, has a crisp, somewhat astringent finish and develops slowly but beautifully in the glass. I think it will fulfill the promise I see. It is not for those who want smooth and sexy—at least not yet. It should hold very well, although it is quite approachable now. Drink now-2024.

Boutari is one of Greece’s old line wineries, famed in particular for its work in the North with Xinomavro. It should be noted that Boutari does a fine job with whites elsewhere (i.e., Mantinia and Santorini), producing reasonably priced wines with fine balance and some distinction.

@WineBitch_Gr visits Mantinia

December 16, 2011

Note the color of the Moschofilero…

Elloinos on Iouliatiko: “Stunning” @Elloinos

December 14, 2011

Earlier this year, top Greek wine blogger Markus Stolz, author of Elloinos, posted his notes on Boutari Iouliatiko 2004. Here’s what he had to say about this “stunning” wine…

The Boutari Iouliatiko is a sweet wine made from the indigenous Cretan red variety “Liatiko”. It ripens early and matures in July (hence the VII on label, reference to the 7th month of the year). The freshly harvested grapes were sun-dried for 11 days, which results in an increased acidity due to concentration. The wine was matured for 3 years in barrels and likely for more time in bottle. 6800 bottles were produced from the 04 vintage, the alcohol level is 15%.

The results are stunning – this is one of the top sweet wines from Greece.

Click here to continue reading…

The way wine used to be made in Goumenissa…

December 9, 2011

Here’s my last post on Goumenissa. The gentleman in the photos, a shopkeeper in town, was insistent that I come to see his winery — in the center of the village. He doesn’t use it anymore but he wanted to show me how wine was once vinified in wooden boxes and casks. Note how the demijohns are wrapped in straw.

Someday, I’ll get back to Goumenissa, mon amour

Goumenissa, scenes from the village (a personal favorite)

December 6, 2011

Una faccia, una razzaOne face, one race… The Greeks love that Italian saying (which refers to the two nations’s shared Mediterranean kinship).

Some people call me a Zelig: I have one of those faces and no matter what Mediterranean country I visit, I generally fit in. And such was the case in Greece.

But when we visited the small and wonderful village of Goumenissa in Northern Greece, the villagers could pick me out as a foreigner from a mile away.

And they couldn’t understand why an American, with a camera, was so fascinated by their town.

My money was no good there: when I photographed the fish monger, he prepared a package of fish for me; at the bakery, the baker wouldn’t let me pay for her breads…

Sometimes, when life becomes to hectic and I feel overwhelmed by the rhythms of modern living, I think about and long for Goumenissa, mon amour

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Btw, I still have one more post in my series of posts on Goumenissa… stay tuned!

Scenes from Goumenissa: the winery

December 2, 2011

Next week, we’ll post images from the town as well… stay tuned!

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