Bill St. John: “Always trust Boutari,” TNs for the 2009 Skalani

Here’s what venerated wine writer Bill St. John had to say about Crete and Boutari wines today in the Chicago Tribune:

Crete excels in modern winemaking… using its indigenous grape varieties, both white and red, to make appealing, very interesting and remarkably food-friendly wines….

Crete’s oldest wine press dates to 3,500 B.C.) and, except for the historical hiccups of the phylloxera infestation or Ottoman rule, it has puttered along making wine.

Lately, again as the beneficiary of modern advances in viticulture and winemaking, its wines stand on the world stage alongside other older, re-emerging regions such as Slovenia, southern England, New York state and Hungary (look for more about these latter in columns from me in the new year).

2009 Boutari Red Blend “Skalani,” Crete: From the native kotsifali grape, mixed with syrah, for something like a southern Rhone red, juicy black fruit scented with spice and pepper; always trust Boutari.


Above: The Boutari winery and tasting room in Crete.

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One Comment on “Bill St. John: “Always trust Boutari,” TNs for the 2009 Skalani”

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    Bill St. John: “Always trust Boutari,” TNs for the 2009 Skalani | Boutari

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