Kim Marcus: “Santorini is terroir to the max” @WineSpectator

boutari santorini

Senior editor for Wine Spectator is featuring the wines of Santorini in the February issue of the magazine, including the 2012 Santorini by Boutari.

Here’s what he has to say about the unique wines in the appellation, what he calls “terroir to the max.”

“The best Greek whites are from the Aegean island of Santorini. In 1600 B.C., a massive volcanic explosion destroyed most of the island, leaving behind a sunken caldera and layers of ash, pumice and volcanic cinder. Today, the island’s native grape, Assyrtiko, grows in soils that are virtually devoid of organic matter, and the vines are own-rooted due to the absence of phylloxera. Because of server climate and strong, drying winds, the grapevines are cultivated in a unique basket style and grown directly on the ground. Yields are achingly low, and during summer, about the only moisture around comes in the form of fog-borne dew. This is terroir to the max.”

Click here for the complete article.

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