The Drinks Business Names Boutari One of the World’s Most Extavagant Wineries



“Established in 1989, the Boutari Winery is known for its distinctive white dome, typical of its coastal location of the Greek island of Santorini.”—THE DRINKS BUSINESS

In 1988, in an effort to draw attention to this unique wine-producing region of Greece, the Boutari Company was the first to open its Santorini winery property to the public.

The Boutari Winery in Santorini plays an important role in the viticultural, socioeconomic and cultural development of the region. Boutari’s expertise, in combination with the experience, hard work and enthusiasm of the local vine growers, has yielded unparalleled results, promoting the old, established grape varieties and experimenting successfully with the planting of new foreign and Greek varieties.

The winery in Santorini produces several wines for export. Boutari Santorini and Boutari Kallisti are two the Santorini winery exports to the US. Open to the public, the winery provideds guided tours and wine tastings all year long.

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