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15 Experimental Wines from Boutari, Spanning 26 Years, Tasted in Athens

November 3, 2015
via Elloinos

via Elloinos

In a tasting spanning 26 years, Dr. Yannis Yoyatzis, Head Oenologist at Boutari, and Gregory Michailos Dip WSET guided wine enthusiasts though a tasting of 15 experimental wines from the Boutari wineries.

The event was held on October 29 in Athens and was packed with Boutari fans. Sisters Christina and Lenia Boutari, oenologist Alexandros Tzachristos, and Roxani Matsa, were also there to show their support.

Markus Stolz who writes the blog Elloinos captured the event and provided these tasting notes:

First flight – Aromatic wines:

Moschofilero 2007, Methode Traditionelle: Complex aromas, very well made.

Moschofilero Mantineia 2014, no sulfites: Captivating and funky. Perfect for people like me.

Moschofilero 2014, Mavrofilero clone: Rose petals. More rose petals.

Gewuerztraminer 2006: Fresh. Ginger.

It was fascinating to taste the complete different expressions from these two aromatic grapes. My favorite wine from this flight was the Gewuerztraminer. Its freshness really surprised me.

To read more on the event including notes from the other flights click here.

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