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“Boutari was known for Naoussa before Naoussa was even recognized as an appellation” –Yiannis Voyatzis

December 11, 2015

Yannis Voyatzis

Boutari is featured in this Wine & Spirits article for being a pioneer in the Naoussa appellation in Greece.

The Boutari Winery has always depended on local farmers for the majority of their grapes:

“It was the only buyer in the region up through the 1960s, sustaining farmers through wars, phylloxera and economic crises; the region didn’t have a cooperative winery until 1983.”

As such, Boutari set the style for the region, pulling fruit from vineyards planted in a wide variety of soils, expositions and altitudes. “Boutari was known for Naoussa before Naoussa was even recognized as an appellation,” says Yiannis Voyatzis, the winery’s chief enologist. Their flagship wine, Grande Reserve, became the archetype: garnet-hued and truffle-scented, with lean, ferrous fruit—the Greek equivalent of Piedmont’s old-style Barolo.

In recent years Voyatzis began paying Boutari’s best growers by the acre rather than by weight, helping them fine-tune their farming methods. And now the winery has been able to produce several single vineyard wines due to their efforts in working closely with these local farmers.

To read the full article click here.


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