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How do you pronounce Xinomavro? The Greek Grape Name & Appellation Pronunciation Project

October 18, 2012

Click the YouTube links below to hear Boutari winemakers pronouncing Greek grape names and appellations.

Xinomavro as Spoken by Constantine Boutari.

Agiorgitiko as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou.

Attikí as spoken by Roxani Matsa.

Malagousia as Spoken by Roxani Matsa.

Mantinia as Spoken by Yannis Voyatzis.

Moschofilero as Spoken by Yannis Voyatzis

Negoska as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou

Xinomavro as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou

Roxani Matsa pronounces Malagousia

October 20, 2011

Domaine Matsa Harvest update

August 27, 2011

Above: The heart and soul of the domaine, Roxani Matsa. The following dispatch was filed yesterday by domaine enologist Alexandros Tzachristas.

Harvest at the historical organic Matsa Estate began on August 16 with Sauvignon Blanc followed by Malagouzia. Harvest began about 10 days later than the average harvest dates of the last years. The passion and dedication of the domaine’s owner Roxani Matsa along with the technical knowledge of the rest of us (agronomist Paraskevas Evageliou, agronomist and enologist Alexandros Tzachristas, and enologist Dina Makra) lead to a very high quality and hygenic state of the grapes despite of the difficulties caused by the climatic conditions of this year.

Above: Malagouzia on a ride.

After the harvest, the grapes cool down in a dual-use cold chamber (cold chamber at harvest, and barrel aging for the rest of the year). Next, they are driven on an amazing gravity roller conveyor for prefermentative maceration covered by inert gasses. After 20 years of vinifying Malagouzia, at this point we are still experimenting on the different maturation levels of the terroirs of Malagouzia, their fermentation kinetics and their tasting characteristics. Our goal, as the ancient Greeks said, is to become better as the time passes.

Coming up next is the harvest of the intriguing Asyrtiko and Aromatic Roditis followed by the second year of pioneering experimentation on vinifying the domaine’s Syrah without sulfites… Stay tuned…

Greek wine in San Diego!

May 10, 2010

Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego hosted its “Mamma Mia! The Wines of Greece” wine tasting yesterday afternoon for Mother’s Day. Boutari blogmaster Jeremy Parzen poured 8 wines by Boutari, including: Moschofilero 2008, Santorini 2009, Malagouzia Matsa 2009, Naoussa 2007, Naoussa Grande Reserve 2003, Skalani 2005, Filiria 2005, and Vinsanto 2004.

A lot of folks came to celebrate Mother’s Day with Greek wines, including San Diego-based advertising executive Eleni Psyllos and her lovely mom. Eleni and her family hail from the vibrant Greek community of Chicago.

The crowd was impressed by the freshness, drinkability, and wonderfully low alcohol content of the wines across the board. Everyone had a favorite but the wine that emerged as nearly everyone’s pick for top wine was the Malagouzia Matsa 2009 from Domaine Roxane Matsa in Attica.

With its gorgeous aromatic nose and its brilliant acidity and fresh fruit flavor, it really hit the spot with some cured California olives.

There’s blogmaster Jeremy, right. Thanks everyone for coming out to Jaynes in San Diego yesterday and taking time out to enjoy these amazing wines.

Boutari Moschofilero and Boutari Naoussa and Naoussa Grande Reserve are currently available in the San Diego market.

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