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How do you pronounce Xinomavro? The Greek Grape Name & Appellation Pronunciation Project

October 18, 2012

Click the YouTube links below to hear Boutari winemakers pronouncing Greek grape names and appellations.

Xinomavro as Spoken by Constantine Boutari.

Agiorgitiko as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou.

Attikí as spoken by Roxani Matsa.

Malagousia as Spoken by Roxani Matsa.

Mantinia as Spoken by Yannis Voyatzis.

Moschofilero as Spoken by Yannis Voyatzis

Negoska as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou

Xinomavro as Spoken by Vasilis Georgiou

@Elloinos The Tomb of Philip II of Macedon, one of the most moving archeological sites I’ve ever visited

August 1, 2012

A Facebook post by the world’s leading Greek wine blogger, Markus Stolz, reminded me the other day of one of the most moving archeological sites I’ve ever visited, the tomb of Philip II of Macedon not far from Thessaloniki.

“During my wine tour, I visited the archaeological site of Aigai,” he wrote, “where the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, is located. This was the most impressive historical site I have ever seen. Greece has treasures that are truly breathtaking!”

I took the photo above back in June, 2011, when I visited the same site after tasting wines in Naoussa.

Of course, you cannot take photos inside. But it’s simply one of the most elegantly maintained and most moving museums you’ll ever visit — truly stirring as you enter the tomb.

Here’s the UNESCO link.

And here’s the Wiki entry for Philip II, which also gives some info on the site.

BTW, Markus was nominated again this year for a Wine Blog award. Voting is closed and we’re looking forward to the results (to be announced later this month). Regardless of whether he wins or not, there’s no doubt in our mind that he’s the top Greek wine blogger out there and author of one of the most entertaining and informative blogs in the blogosphere today. Go Markus!


@Elloinos #1 Greek wine for 2011: Boutari Naoussa

January 24, 2012

In his roundup of value in Greek wine for 2011, top Greek wine blogger Markus Stolz, author of Elloinos, picked Boutari’s 2007 Naoussa as his NUMBER ONE wine.

Here’s what Markus had to say about this bottling, a great vintage from one of the most collectible appellations in Europe today:

If I had to pick just one Greek wine as the red hot value of the year, this would be it. Refinement and balance best describe the wine. It is quite frankly a steal, and given its wide availability, this should be marketed as a showcase for Greek wines. I have no doubt that this can be cellared for many years to come, an outstanding effort.

Click here for the rest of Markus’ picks…

@RobertMParkerJr Wine of the Day: 2004 Naoussa

December 19, 2011

Boutari’s 2004 Naoussa was Robert Parker’s “Wine of the Day” yesterday.

Here’s what Wine Advocate reviewer Mark Squires had to say about the wine and vintage (April 2010, WA 188), giving it 90 points.

The 2004 GRANDE RESERVE has powerful aromatics, a touch of funk and a touch of game, plus more intensity than the ’06 regular reviewed this issue. Focused, complex and earthy, despite the time in oak, this is quite elegant in the mid-palate, has a crisp, somewhat astringent finish and develops slowly but beautifully in the glass. I think it will fulfill the promise I see. It is not for those who want smooth and sexy—at least not yet. It should hold very well, although it is quite approachable now. Drink now-2024.

Boutari is one of Greece’s old line wineries, famed in particular for its work in the North with Xinomavro. It should be noted that Boutari does a fine job with whites elsewhere (i.e., Mantinia and Santorini), producing reasonably priced wines with fine balance and some distinction.

2011 Harvest Naoussa

October 6, 2011

Following a vast tradition since the first red wine (Naoussa Boutari) was bottled in Greece and after years of experience with the unique terroirs of Naoussa, the 2011 vintage for Xinomavro finished last week. Hand picking of the grapes and transport to the winery of Boutari began on the 26/9 and ended on the 30/9. Xinomavro maturity was very good and all the grapes received obtained excellent intensity of color. Seed and skin maturity levels were also at superior level due to the extended heat during the last days of ripening. Right now maceration and alcoholic fermentation are under way which are promising very rich and fragrant wines. Like every year the different terroirs in the region of Naoussa are vinified separately in order to give us the best results when blending to produce the world famous Naousa Boutari and Grand Reserve Boutari.

—Vasilis Georgiou, enologist, Naoussa

Harvest Update Naoussa

September 16, 2011

The following dispatch was filed today by Boutari’s Naoussa enologist Vasilis Georgiou (above).

Whites are one step of finishing their alcoholic fermentation and the Naoussa winery is packed with fresh fermentation aromas. Visitors are blown away by intense aromas resembling the fleshy parts of apricots that dominate during the fermentation of Chardonnay and Malagouzia inside the tanks.

Merlot and Syrah have also been harvested at ideal ripeness levels and are macerating in the tanks as I write this. From tasting the fermenting juice, I have to say that the finished wines will be full of ripe berry aromas with very soft structure. Here’s a photo from the top of the tanks overlooking the cap.

Now we are waiting to receive the “flagship” of Naoussa… The Xinomavro grapes! Ripeness levels have increased in the last weeks due to the extended heat and soon they should be nice for harvest! I’m quoting a local Xinomavro producer who said that the weather right now in Naoussa is ideal for grape maturity (warm during the day, cold during the night) and called this type of weather “kraso-kero,” which translates into “wine-weather.”

As inspections of the vineyards continue here is a photo of the Xinomavro vineyards.

Harvest Update 2011: Xinomavro on the way!

August 31, 2011

Above: Viticulturist Dr. Dimitris Taskos (right) inspects a Xinomavro vineyard on the foothills of mount Vermio. The follow dispatch was filed today by Boutari’s Naoussa enologist Vasilis Georgiou.

Harvest has just begun in Naoussa with the arrival of some white varieties (mainly Chardonnay). The Xinomavro grapes are scheduled to be harvested in late September and the vineyards are being inspected to assess the quality of this year’s grapes. It is still early to estimate the outcome of this year in terms of quality for Xinomavro but the first inspections of the vineyards are showing excellent results.

Above: Xinomavro grapes ripening on the vine.

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