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Snow in Santorini! Yes, SNOW IN SANTORINI!

February 29, 2012

Sent today from Boutari winery manager Petros Vamvakousis…

Santorini Pyrgos, 29/02/2012

It never snows in Santorini, but some times it really happens.

Dawning and the sunlight found the vineyard astonished in a white slipcover.

What an amazing contrast, white of the snow, grey-brown of the vine, black of the volcanic cinder.

It likes that someone leaves empty baskets inside snow, but really, are alive grapevines.

Subsoils of Santorini @SantoriniWines

February 22, 2012

We snapped this photo of the subsoils of Santorini at the Boutari tasting room on the island.

The ancient volcanic subsoils — poor in nutrients and rich in minerality — are what gives the vines of Santorini their vigor and their rich mineral flavors.

The grains of volcanic “sand” are so tiny that phylloxera cannot exist there. All of the vines grown on Santorini are grown on pre-phylloxera rootstock.

Notes from Santorini

February 16, 2012

Location: Santorini Megalochori
Date: 2/16/2012, early morning

The sun is rising, the sky is taking a marine blue color and the vine is still sleeping.

The vine grower has already removed the unavailing branches. Now remains the time that vine grower will come and weave the young branches into a shape of basket.

Petros Vamvakousis
Winery Manager

Santorini winery one of the “ten architectural wonders of the wine world” @WineSpiralPro

January 12, 2012

From the Wine Spiral Project

Fitting with the quaint white structures of Santorini’s cliffsides, this winery in Megalohori, Greece includes an administration area, an exhibition and sales building and “Tholos,” the domed structure pictured above. Tastings and audio-visual presentations happen inside, but the real treat is outside, with the contrast of the buildings against the greens and blues of the island. Designed by Yannos Yanniotis.

Click here to read the rest of the list…

Sunsets over the Caldera, Santorini (June 2011)

November 21, 2011

Santorini is Wine Spectator Daily Pick

August 30, 2011

Harvest report from Santorini

August 29, 2011

Above: A Boutari grape harvester in the vineyards. The following dispatch was filed by Santorini enologist Ioanna Vamvakouri (not pictured) today, August 29.

From August 24-26, we completed the harvest in the Megalochori zone and started harvesting in Pirgos.

On August 26, we also harvested are own vineyard in Selladia.

On August 27, we began harvesting the Aidani and by tonight (August 29) we will have completed the pressing of white grapes.

Yesterday we started sun-drying the grapes for the Vinsanto.

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