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The two “divas” of Greek wine: Assyrtiko and Xinomavro

June 9, 2010

Above: Some of the world’s top wine professionals gathered for the New Wines of Greece grand tasting and seminar at the end of May in New York City.

We recently came across a great post on the New Wines of Greece grand tasting and seminar in New York (May, 2010) by wine blogger and wine professional Christine Berenger, author of Fava Beans and Chianti.

Christine gives readers a great overview of the seminars we attended and a solid backgrounder on Greece, its wines, and its grape varieties. But our favorite part of her post was devoted to the two “divas” of Greek wine, Assyrtiko and Xinomavro:

With over 350 indigenous varieties that are not genetically linked to any other varietals in the world, the wines of Greece are truly unique. While Greek wines are distinct and not directly comparable, this forum gave people a side-by-side comparison with other more popular international varietals, so if someone liked some of the characteristics of “X popular varietal,” then they might also enjoy a glass of “Y Greek varietal.” The tasting was lead by Doug Frost, one of three people in the world who is both MS and MW. He is true lover of Greek wines. I tried quite a few of these Greek wines, but the ones I thoroughly enjoyed (and plan on buying for myself) were made from the following two varietals — Assyrtiko and Xinomavro. Doug described these two varietals as “the divas,” which I concur as being a good descriptor. Here’s the secret decoder ring. If you enjoy the austerity, acidity and minerality of a Chablis or Riesling, you might fancy an Assyritko. If you like the dustiness and earthiness of Barbaresco (Nebbiolo) or Brunello (Sangiovese), you might want to try Xinomavro.

Click here to read the rest of Christine’s excellent post.

Greek wines in New York: New Wines of Greece grand tasting

May 20, 2010

Here are some scenes from today’s “New Wines of Greece” standing-room only seminar and grand tasting this morning in New York City.

Konstantinos Lazarakis Master of Wine, Mary Ewing-Mulligan Master of Wine, and Ed McCarthy took time out to pose for our camera after the seminar.

Master of Wine AND Master Sommelier (one of only 3 people in the world to attain both titles) Doug Frost.

Celebrity chef Michael Psilakis was on hand for the grand tasting, where he created all of the pairings especially for the occasion.

“Greeks love refreshing wines,” said Konstantinos Lazarakis, “wines that go well with food.” Hungry yet?

Greek wine tasting hosted by

December 11, 2009

The Boutari family was thrilled to take part in one of the first Cork’d ( live tastings, on Wednesday evening, December 9, at the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York. If you haven’t check out Cork’d yet, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk’s new social media site for wine, where you can share tasting notes, become friends with “drinking buddies,” and network and schmooze with all sort of people from all walks of the wine industry — from consumer to expert taster.

Twenty lucky tasters who answered Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal invitation (via Twitter) joined us for a tasting of 3 Boutari wines.

Thanks to all the great tasters for coming out to taste and thanks to Lindsay Ronga and Jon Troutman for organizing!

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