Agiorgitiko, AH-GEE-OHR-GEE-TEE-KOH, also known as St. George, widely considered the most noble red grape of Greece. Agiorgitiko is used to make Boutari’s Nemea (100% Agiorgitiko), grown and vinified in the Nemea AOC of southern Greece, a lithe wine that retains the power and structure of the variety, with gorgeous red berry fruit on the nose and in the mouth. Boutari also blends Agiorgitiko with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce its Odé (50% Agiorgitiko, 50% Cabernet), a contemporary-styled wine that draws fresh acidity and fruit flavors from the Agiorgitiko and tannin and color from the Cabernet, a wine with great aging potential.



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