Above: The Assyrtiko (ah-SEE’R-tee-koh) grape is cultivated primarily on the island of Santorini.

santorini2Grape variety: Assyrtiko

Boutari Santorini is the white wine that distinguished the Santorini vineyard worldwide. Today it constitutes a must for every oenophile. The island of Santorini, located in Greece’s Aegean Sea, is essentially a defunct volcanic caldera. The island’s loam soil is characteristically dry — this, in combination with Santorini’s microclimate, provides Boutari Santorini with its mineral and citrusy characteristics. Served at 50° F, it pairs excellently with seafood, poultry and white meat dishes.

The vineyard of Santorini is one of the oldest in Greece (300 years old). The vines are not grafted on American rootstocks, because phylloxera (vine louse) has never attacked the island.

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